Everything in Between - Now Available!

    January 13th, 2017

    Everything in Between, the next installment in the Everything After Rocker Romance series is now available!
    Visit the book page for more information and buy your copy today:

    Crazy Love Box Set

    November 10th, 2016

    Want to get crazy with Decklan, Gavin and Paxton? Here's your chance!

    You can now purchase Crazy Stupid Love, Crazy Stupid Obsession and Crazy Stupid Perfection all together in the Crazy Love box set. That's right- you get all three full length novels all together at one low price or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

    Deal is available exclusively on AMAZON and will be available for a limited time only!

    Crazy Stupid Perfection - NOW AVAILABLE!

    October 4th, 2016

    Paxton Stewart...
    The boy I spent my entire childhood pining after. He never saw me of course. To him I was just a child. His best friend's baby sister. A silly little girl. Until I wasn't anymore...
    I thought I could be the one to change him. The one to tame him. Instead, I became one of the many broken hearts he left in his path. I didn't run away. I had planned to leave all along. But what I didn't plan for was how I would feel returning all these years later. One look and it all came back. One look and suddenly I remembered everything...
    Every word. Every kiss. Every touch. Even after everything he put me through; Paxton Stewart still owns my heart. The only question remaining is what he plans to do with it now...

    Crazy Stupid Perfection is the third and final novel in the three-part Crazy Love Series. Grab your copy today!


Melissa Toppen is a Reader's Choice Award Winning and Bestselling Romance Author of New Adult, Contemporary, Erotic and Romantic Suspense. She is a lover of books and enjoys nothing more than losing herself in a good novel. She has a soft spot for Romance and focuses her writing in that direction; writing what she loves to read. Melissa was born and raised in a small town in Ohio and now resides in Cincinnati with her husband and two children, where she writes full time. In addition to spending time with family and friends, Melissa loves going to concerts and is obsessed with the T.V. shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time and Outlander.

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  • "Crazy Stupid Love is one for my keeper “shelf”. A tale of discovery, healing, and romance where the desire to read it over again is a surety. Melissa writes with a fluidity that braces the story while creating love scenes that sets the reader on fire. I call dibs on Decklan being my newest book boyfriend, y’all. Be jealous. 5 out of 5 Cupcakes."

    - Tiffany / Literary Indulgence Reviews

  • "Logan and Bentley are such an imperfectly perfect couple, like two lost puzzle pieces being found and fit back together. Their story is raw, sweet, romantic, hot, strained, uplifting and one that I could not wait to finish!"

    - Laura's BlogSpotAnythingGoes

  • "I love a good rock romance book and this book was beyond all my expectations!! I’m a huge fan of Melissa Toppen and this book proved exactly why!! She’s an outstanding author and she knows how to capture a reader!!! This book sucked me in and I fell hard for Killian and his sexy Irish accent!"

    - Melissa / Alpha Book Club

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